Email Communications

Good afternoon everyone!

It has recently come to our attention that some property owners may not be receiving the weekly emails (eBlasts). If you know of anyone not receiving the eBlast, refer them to the website announcements page.

To receive the weekly eBlast, the email on your account must be set to primary. Please follow the steps below to see if the correct email is set up to receive eBlasts.

1.      Login to

2.      Click Update Contact Info

3.      Make sure any email you would like to receive eBlasts on, primary is checked.

4.      Save Changes

Please note:

·        If multiple emails exist within a member profile, the email(s) checked for Primary will receive eBlasts

·        If no emails are checked as Primary, the first email listed will receive the eBlasts

·         If only one email exists within a member profile, that email will receive the eBlasts whether it is checked as Primary or not

**Please only include your own email address(es) in your member profile. Your spouse's email should go in their own profile

Greenway 2.0 Presentation
We are excited to share with you the latest Greenway presentation. 

Please click here to view the Greenway 2.0 Video Presentation

For the PDF Slideshow presentation, click here: Greenway 2.0 Presentation PDF.pdf

CAI Offices & Staff Contacts

The CAI offices are open and staff will continue to be available by appointment only.

Staff is available during our normal business hours of 9am to 4pm Monday thru Friday, 9am to 1pm on Tuesdays.

Entrance to CAI offices is through the glass double doors closest to the parking lot. Masks remain required during meetings and appointments.

Office Remodel
For those who have peeked in at the CAC, you may have noticed some minor construction work taking place. We are adding an additional office at the front of the lobby (where the old receptionist space was) and adding a front wall to allow for a front desk area. Once this work is completed, we plan to reopen the entrance nearest the parking lot.

CAI Staff Contacts
As a reminder, please only use the following Staff Contact info for all CAI staff members during business hours.

If you happen to have a staff member's personal cell phone number, please do not contact them on their personal cell phone, especially after hours.

Call the office at 423-884-3800 and be sure to leave a message. We will be happy to return your call during business hours.

>>>Staff Contacts List<<<

CAC Updates

Updated Guidelines
After careful consideration based on a large amount of feedback, we have updated the restrictions at the CAC. Facial coverings will now be optional, and we are no longer limiting capacity to 20 people. We encourage those who still wish to exercise with caution to wear a mask whenever they feel it is necessary and encourage each social group to put into place their own guidelines should they feel the need.

CAC Online Reservations
We have moved to an online reservation system – a feature offered on the new website.

To request use of the CAC, go to the website at, click the Community Activity Center Reservation tab, double click the date, and follow the system prompts. Your request will be sent to an office admin for approval.

For questions or assistance, feel free to call the office at (423) 884-3800.