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There are few creative opportunities that measure up with the excitement and experience of designing, building or remodeling your own home. From the initial design sketches, through ground breaking and the construction phases, to adding the final finishing touches, the process of creating a unique home can be a very rewarding experience.

In conjunction with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Rarity Bay, the Rarity Bay

Design Guidelines Manual (DGM) is intended to achieve these objectives:

  •    To preserve and maintain the inherent qualities of the property while allowing for the design and construction of homes
  •    To advocate the protection and promotion of property values through the establishment of standards and guidelines
  •    To  establish  a  framework  for  the  planning,  design,  construction,  maintenance  and modification of homes

The RBDGM sets forth design, environment and construction standards for homes within Rarity Bay. Standards are written and intended to inspire sound principles of site planning, architectural design, landscaping and construction.

While individual creativity is encouraged, the RBDGM has been established to maintain a measure of quality and consistency throughout the course of community development. In some cases there will be no permitted variation from established standards, while in other areas flexibility and modification may be permitted with the review and approval of the Design Review Board (DRB).

The RBDGM will assist you and your design team from the preliminary design phase of your new home through its completion. The standards and guidelines will also serve you in the future as you consider modifications to your home and landscape. Most important, the RBDGM establishes a viable framework from which homeowners can direct their architects and builders, while maintaining a high level of quality design and construction.

The RBDGM provides a means to preserve the exclusiveness and value expected by every homeowner. Adherence to the standards contained in the RBDGM will contribute to the continuation of the inherent and natural attraction of Rarity Bay as a desirable environment in which to live.

The DRB looks forward to working with each new homeowner and wishes you much success. We welcome you to our Community.

If any resident, lot owner or builder has any questions on the DRB Guidelines, Modifications or Variances, please send your questions to:

New Home Construction, Modifications and Variances 

Many of you have purchased a vacant lot with intentions to build your dream home here at Rarity Bay. Specifications and Requirements for new homes are listed on the community website. All requirements can be found in the Design Guideline Manual (DGM). The DGM can be found below in the document list.

Any modification, alteration or variance to a home or landscaping will require approval from the Design Review Board. The Design Review Board will review each application as it comes in and will provide written approvals or denials based on the scope of work. Any work that begins prior to the approval from the Design Review Board is subject to fines and penalties. Please be sure you submit your requests in writing Prior to starting any alteration project. The Design Guideline Manual is designed to uphold property standards and values for the community. Periodically, updates will be made to this document as advances in construction and codes change.

If any resident, lot owner or builder has any questions on the DRB Guidelines, Modifications or Variances, please send your questions to:

TVA and the 820 Guidelines

Public Lands Information Center for residents to make contact with us for any TVA questions 1-800-TVA-LAND (1-800-882-5263)

Building in Rarity Bay

The Design Review Board oversees all new construction within Rarity Bay. Here you will find the Design Guidelines Manual and the forms needed to build or modify an existing home. If you have any questions about the building process, please send inquiries to:

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