Rarity Bay is Professionally Managed by:

If you have any questions or would like more information about our association, please contact us directly.

For operations, construction, sewer, design review or variance questions, please contact:

RJ Gudger (423) 884-1990 Robert.Gudger@RarityBayCAI.com

For infrastructure, roads, drainage, or signage, please contact:

Ronnie Sharp (423) 884-1996 Ronnie.Sharp@raritybaycai.com

For community related questions or concerns, communications, newsletter content, email blasts, and other office information or administrative questions, please contact:

Corie Bieniek (423) 884-1991 Corie@RarityBayLiving.com

For vehicle decals, new owner information, and other office information or administrative questions, please contact: 

Laurie Lockett (423) 884-1992 Laurie@RarityBayCAI.com

For accounting questions, please contact:

Erin Davenport Erin.Davenport@RarityBayCAI.com

For Guest and Vendor/Contractor Access, please contact:

Gatehouse (423) 884-3011    

Main Office

150 Rarity Bay Parkway
Vonore, TN 37885
Telephone: (423) 884-3800
Fax: (432) 884-6210